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Premises Liability: Do You Need A Slip-And-Fall Attorney In Pompano Beach?

Slip-and-fall accidents are scary. It can be terrifying to be walking the Pompano Beach Fisher Family Pier or along the walkways at the Hidden Harbour Marina and suddenly find yourself on the ground after slipping on something and falling. In the event that it has happened to you, our personal injury attorneys serve Broward County and can help. At Englander Peebles, they will keep you in the loop on the progress of your case and take it to trial if and when it becomes necessary.

What Should You Do After You Slip And Fall?

The first moments after the shock of a fall can be filled with uncertainty as your mind tries to figure out what just happened and your body attempts to discern if you are hurt. Before you move, check to see if you are feeling any pain. If you can, try to get up. If you are too hurt to stand up or unable to get up by yourself, call for help. If you have any pain or injuries, do not hesitate to seek medical assistance immediately. It’s also never too late to go to the doctor, so if any pain persists or worsens, seek help.

If you think you may have a personal injury case for a slip-and-fall accident, you should also:

  • Report that you had an accident to the business owners
  • Take photos of the place you fell and also your injuries
  • Write notes and keep track of all of your medical documents
  • Keep the clothes and shoes you were wearing on the day you fell
  • Be mindful not to blame anyone and do not accept or admit blame to anyone

The most important step to take after you’ve had an accident, is to contact a slip-and-fall attorney. A lawyer can help make sure that you are not missing any important steps and can help assess if you are entitled to recover damages for your injuries. The attorney can also help determine how strong your case is for negligence in a slip and fall.

How Do You Prove A Slip-And-Fall Case In Florida?

In the state of Florida, the victim of a slip-and-fall accident has to prove that the business failed to correct or take care of a dangerous condition. For example, if a pipe leaks at the Festival Flea Market Mall, leaving an invisible puddle all over the walkway, and no one comes to clean it up, you may be able to prove that there was a dangerous condition that should have been remedied.

Who Is Responsible For Your Slip-And-Fall Injuries?

Every accident is unique. There will always be different facts and circumstances. There are several parties who may be responsible for your accident. The property owner, the business owner, or the maintenance or cleaning company may all be held responsible if they were negligent in the maintenance or care of the scene of your accident. Depending on the circumstances, a contractor, subcontractor or the flooring material manufacture could also be liable.

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