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What to do after a slip and fall accident in Pompano Beach

by | Apr 18, 2023 | Slip and Fall Accidents

Water is essential to life, but sometimes it can act to your detriment. From pool water to ocean water and every drip, splash and spill in between, you will likely encounter all sorts of slippery situations in Pompano Beach.

Here are a few steps to take after a Pompano Beach slip-and-fall accident.

1. Get medical help

After a slip and fall, seek medical attention right away. If you cannot get up, have someone call for emergency medical assistance. Symptoms of some injuries may not show up right away, so getting a thorough medical checkup is imperative to protecting your health and well-being.

2. Collect supporting information

Gather all the information you can to provide evidence of the incident and injury. Obtain medical records, eyewitness statements and video or camera evidence of the situation that led to your fall.

3. File a claim

File a claim with someone high up in the establishment where your injury occurred as soon as possible. Ask whoever documents the report to read it in detail to ensure accuracy.

4. Avoid communicating directly with the insurance company

Many insurance companies are notorious for trying to avoid issuing payments. If someone from the organization’s insurance company contacts you, do not communicate with them without someone to guide you through common insurance company tactics and the ins and outs of the claims process.

Any personal injury is a frightening, frustrating and confusing experience. However, knowing what to do after a slip and fall can set you up for a successful recovery.