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An Accident Can Make Your Vacation Take An Unexpected Turn

Although a driver might be careful when driving, the negligence of a third party is not something anyone can control. The complexities around motor vehicles are case-specific and should be addressed attentively. A car accident while on vacation in Florida can contain added complexity involving a rental car or a ridesharing vehicle like and Uber or Lyft. If you have had an out-of-state car accident, call us for a free consultation at 954-500-4878 or toll-free long distance at 954-928-9909. Travel circumstances can add to an already stressful situation. You can also suffer injuries from other accidents during a vacation in Miami while swimming, scuba diving, boating and enjoying other activities.

Every case includes particular facts and circumstances that need to be reviewed. If you or a loved one was involved in a car accident while on vacation in Florida and want to fight for fair compensation or seek justice, we are ready to assist you at Englander Peebles.

A Lawyer Can Represent Your Interests

If you or a loved one was injured while on vacation, we understand the stress and confusion you might be experiencing. When something like this happens, you must make important decisions, but you don’t have to face them alone. In fact, we advise you to have experienced legal representation to handle all matters of your accident with insurance agents or fight for justice on your behalf. At Englander Peebles in Broward County, we are committed to our clients and provide them with personalized legal advice and guidance to meet their needs.

There could be extra layers of complexity to an accident while on vacation. As we discuss your case, we will review in detail some of the following:

  • Considerations and facts surrounding accidents with unique circumstances such as recreational scuba diving
  • In the case of a rental car accident, whether you insured yourself before renting the car
  • All facts and circumstances during your car accident while on a ride-sharing trip using services such as Uber or Lyft in Florida, as well as insurance policies

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If you are unsure of the settlement an insurance company offers you or you want to defend your rights, make an appointment with us to talk about your options. Your case evaluation is free. If you hire us, you pay our fees only if we recover your compensation.

Time Is Everything In A Personal Injury Matter

Your compensation could be at stake and so could your opportunity to seek justice. Call us in Fort Lauderdale at 954-500-4878 or fill out this online form to make an appointment and discuss your legal concerns and needs.