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The Danger Of Underestimating A Slip-And-Fall Accident

It’s easy to underestimate the damage that a serious fall can cause until you experience one firsthand. Trip, slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of shoulder, hip, back, head, and neck injuries in the United States. These accidents account for one million emergency room visits every year. If you were injured in a fall at an apartment complex, contact our injury attorneys at Englander Peebles to find out if you have grounds for a claim.

To win your case, it must be shown that the apartment complex’s negligence contributed to your injury. You will also need evidence to prove that the liable party had actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard that caused your injury and should have fixed it.

The success of your case will hinge on the strength of your evidence. The lawyers at Englander Peebles are well-versed in the laws that govern slip-and-fall cases in Florida, and we can help you gather the evidence needed to prove negligence, liability and damages.

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Common Examples Of Apartment Complex Negligence In Florida

Just like other businesses in Florida, apartment complexes have a duty to reasonably maintain their premises in such a way that protects people from injuries. If they breach this duty and someone is injured as a result, that person may be able to pursue compensation from the apartment complex by filing a premises liability claim.

There are many ways an apartment complex’s negligence can contribute to serious injuries. Common examples include:

  • The apartment complex failed to provide adequate lighting in stairwells and hallways.
  • There’s only one stairwell for tenants to use when leaving the apartment complex, and that stairwell did not comply with the building code.
  • There was a broken step on the staircase, but the apartment complex failed to place a warning sign or block off the area.
  • The staircase had the wrong type of handrail or a broken handrail.
  • The wrong type of paint was used on the staircase, making it slippery.
  • Water leaked onto the floor with regularity and was not addressed. This is a common occurrence at entrances and exits.
  • There’s a step-down below a door but no warning.
  • A hole on the property was left unaddressed for an unreasonable amount of time, and no warnings were posted.
  • The power cord in the gym or another shared facility was not properly secured, causing you to trip.
  • There was an area of flooring with an uneven surface.

In addition to filing a claim against the apartment complex, you may also have grounds for a claim against the property manager. For example, if the property manager failed to fix a broken step in a reasonable amount of time, and you were injured as a result, the property manager may be liable for your damages.

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