Overloaded Accidents

An overloaded or overweight truck is difficult to control and is more likely to cause serious injuries or death in the event of an accident. If you were injured or lost a family member in a truck crash, the Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys at Englander Peebles can investigate the collision to determine if the truck driver and/or trucking company are liable for your damages.

You may be entitled to compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and non-economic damages. Our Fort Lauderdale truck accident lawyers can help you navigate the claims process, avoid costly mistakes, and fight for the compensation to which you are entitled. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (954) 231-1384.

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Why Are Overloaded and Overweight Semi-Trucks So Dangerous?

Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring that all their vehicles meet federal and state weight restrictions before they go out on the road. They are also required to make sure their cargo is properly loaded and balanced. If an overloaded truck causes an accident, the trucking company can be named as a defendant in the lawsuit.

Below are a few reasons why overloaded and overweight semi-trucks are so dangerous:

Review your accident claim with an Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyer at Englander Peebles.

  • Overloaded trucks are more likely to roll over due to their higher center of gravity;
  • They require more stopping distance, increasing the likelihood of a rear-end collision;
  • They take a long time to drive uphill, which increases the risk of accidents for vehicles approaching on blind corners;
  • They are more likely to have a tire blowout;
  • They can cause certain bridges, overpasses, and roads to collapse;
  • When weight shifts to the back of an overloaded truck, it can become difficult to handle;
  • Overloaded trucks are harder to stop when traveling downhill, and the extra stress on the brakes increases the risk of brake failure.

The Importance of Hiring an Overloaded Truck Accident Lawyer as Soon as Possible

To give your personal injury claim the most favorable chance of success, there are important steps you must take over the days, weeks, and months following a truck accident. For example, if you fail to undergo a medical evaluation for your injuries, the insurance company may argue that your injuries were caused by something else or that your own negligence caused them to worsen. It is also possible that crucial evidence may disappear over time.

An experienced truck accident lawyer in Fort Lauderdale at Englander Peebles can gather the evidence needed to prove negligence, liability, and damages. We can also help you avoid costly mistakes posting sensitive information about your case on social media, making a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster without proper preparation, or accepting a settlement too early.

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