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Fort Lauderdale’s Best Property Damage Lawyers: Be Prepared This Season

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Property Damage

The beautiful state of Florida is one of the best places to live in the U.S. and is also perfectly situated to endure hurricane property damage each year. Even though the severity of our storms may vary, the purpose of having hurricane insurance is to protect you in times of need. When hurricane damage and loss occurs to your home or property, you probably expect your insurance company to help make up for the loss and suffering. Unfortunately, insurance companies may have other plans.

At Englander Pebbles we have seen first hand what happens when your home and property is impacted by hurricane’s conditions, including high winds, storm surges, and torrential rains; the damage can penetrate every part of your home, business, or other structures requiring the complete replacement of the components therein. This could mean everything from the walls, floors, ceilings, and everything in between.

As the top property damage lawyers in Fort Lauderdale we have seen how insurance companies often delay payments, submit partial payments, or reply with outright rejections to the claims our clients fully expected them to pay after hurricane damage has changed their life. This doesn’t even account for the emotional toll that takes on you and your family, which can cause severe stress, anxiety, and grief. When your insurance company is unwilling to provide you with the full financial recovery you deserve as a result of the damage or loss you have suffered, our hurricane property damage lawyers can help you pursue the policy’s details for maximum payout.

We guarantee you:

  1. Our time and attention- your case is valuable and we will treat it as such.
  2. A unique strategy tailored to meet your individual legal needs.
  3. Most importantly, you will always have our respect.

How an Attorney Can Help a Property Damage Claim

At Englander Peebles, we believe that when it comes to hurricane claims in Fort Lauderdale a little preparation and precaution before a crisis occurs is preferable to lessen the stress afterward.

We are here to expertly guide our clients and answer question such as:

  • Options if hurricane insurance claims are underpaid
  • Maximizing your property damage settlement
  • Building property claims after hurricanes
  • What you can do before a hurricane to prepare for property damage
  • And much more…

Most of us living in South Florida know what to do when a hurricane is getting near, however, we often forget to review very important details in our insurance policy and to have a trusted lawyer contact information accessible. For example, do you have your declaration page handy? Do you know what your hurricane claims policy covers? Have you ever dealt with property damage claims before?

Whether you are a residential or commercial property owner in Fort Lauderdale one of the most important elements of a successful hurricane insurance claim is to consult the best team of lawyers who are on your side. Hurricane insurance claims can be tricky, with many potential pitfalls that can end up costing you money.

Damages for Hurrican Property Damage

We will file your claim with your insurance company, and make sure that your claim is handled efficiently and expediently for the highest settlement possible for you. Here are some of the types of hurricane property damage claims:

  1. Compromised or destroyed doors on homes, garages, and other structures
  2. Damage from projectiles & broken windows
  3. Destruction of personal items and interior home goods including furniture or appliances
  4. Fire damage from downed wires
  5. Flooding
  6. Harm to boats, cars, and other vehicles
  7. Moisture damage
  8. Property damage to costly outdoor fixtures including pools, sheds, and landscaping
  9. Roof lifting, destruction of shingles, gutters, and siding
  10. Structural damage to the home’s walls, porches, and outer buildings

At Englander Peebles, we know that living in the path of hurricanes is the price we pay for the beauty we enjoy here in Fort Lauderdale. Our commitment is to serve those who are being victimized by the insurance companies through unfair partial payments and outright recovery rejections. If you have suffered property damage from a hurricane, and your insurance company is denying the financial recovery you deserve, contact Englander Peebles immediately.