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Dangerous roads to watch for in Fort Lauderdale

by | Mar 25, 2023 | Personal Injury

From truck traffic to commuters and vacationers, Fort Lauderdale’s roads easily get congested.

Although only the 10th largest city, the city has the third-highest crash rate in the state. Before heading out on your next excursion, stay extra alert if you plan to travel on the most dangerous roads in the city.

Highways with high fatality rates

I-95 South daily has thousands of drivers. Anyone who has traveled along it has likely seen a few accidents. While a number of reasons play into a crash, the high speeds vehicles travel on interstates ranks high. Whether heading north or south moving fast makes it harder to navigate around slower vehicles, especially when approaching exits and merging.

Alligator Alley also has solidified itself as an accident-prone stretch of road. As the main option for traveling to and from Southwest Florida, this two-lane road makes it easy for a crash to happen. Often full of tourists unfamiliar with the area, the Florida Turnpike quickly becomes deadly. From debris on the road, continual construction and distracted drivers, awareness becomes essential.

Intersections known for accidents

While interstates and highways inherently have high-risk factors, many intersections can also claim to have a dangerous side. One of the most frequent to have crashes remains Andrew Avenue and Sunrise Boulevard. Known as a surprisingly wide intersection, people often try to barrel through a yellow light not realizing its width, putting other drivers at risk. Both tourists and locals appreciate the offerings by Lakes Mall. Unfortunately, that means intense congestion and confused drivers at West Oakland Park Boulevard and North State Road 7.

Since the invention of automobiles, people have crashed. Although often unavoidable, knowing high-risk roads may remind you to stay on high alert.