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Half of America’s ten most dangerous roads are in Florida

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Car Accidents

The open road can be a dangerous place for people. Negligent drivers, dangerous weather, and unsafe road conditions can all cause lifelong injuries. Despite how big our country is, a recent study has shown that half of America’s ten most dangerous roads are right here in Florida. So, which roads should you watch out for?

Which roads are more prone to disaster?

While every road has the potential to be the next scene of a catastrophic injury, some roads are more likely than others to experience these accidents than others. Florida’s five most dangerous roads are:

  • US-1 in Brevard county
  • I-95 in Palm Beach county
  • US-41 in Hillsborough county
  • I-75 in Hillsborough county
  • US-27 in Polk county

These roads and five others contributed to 10% of all road fatalities between 2015 and 2019. What is it about these roads that may contribute to this death toll?

Causes of accidents

Florida is a popular vacation spot for people around the world. With more people visiting our state, it also means more people on the road. People unfamiliar with our roads may not know what to expect in terms of road condition, weather, or the driving habits of locals.

All it takes for an accident to happen is a moment of recklessness or neglect. When a driver is distracting themselves with their phone, with food, or even trying to grab something out of reach, it can pull their eyes off the road for even a few seconds. Those seconds at high speeds can equate to driving blindfolded for hundreds of feet and spell disaster for nearby drivers.

Stay safe out there

If everyone does their part to be safe drivers and watch out for reckless drivers, we can remove our roads from the list of the deadliest. Take a moment to ensure you keep yourself and your passengers safe the next time you get behind the wheel.