Truck Crashes Into Waffle House in Tampa, Injuring 5

Five people sustained injuries in a wreck when a truck crashed into a Waffle House in Tampa over the weekend. The incident took place on the afternoon of Sunday, August 8. It was reported to the authorities at around 2 p.m.

According to the details shared by the authorities, the pickup truck crashed through the windows of the Waffle House in Tampa and caused significant damage to the business location before it stopped. An elderly man was driving the vehicle at the time. Preliminary investigations show that the said man is a regular customer at the eatery.

The Waffle House where the crash occurred is located along the Columbus Drive. The location was packed and filled with customers when the incident occurred. A number of people who were present in the Waffle House suffered injuries as a result of the collision.

Once the paramedics and first responders arrived on the scene of the crash, three people were taken to an area hospital with serious injuries. Tampa Fire Rescue identified these as two adults and a child. The precise nature of their injuries is not known at this time.

Another two people suffered minor injuries in the crash. Fire rescue personnel also transported these two individuals to a local hospital for further treatment.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident. It isn’t clear if the driver was injured as a result of the crash. Investigators are trying to ascertain what caused the crash in the first place. Once the investigations conclude, it will become clear whether any formal charges will be brought against the elderly driver of the pickup truck.

Even if formal charges are not brought, the victims and the business itself can seek compensatory damages from the at-fault driver. In accidents like these, a Florida car accident lawyer can help the victims recover a fair amount of compensation.


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