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Types of serious injuries from slip and fall accidents

by | Jan 17, 2023 | Slip and Fall Accidents, Slip And Falls

While they may not sound serious at first, slip and falls can cause serious injuries or death. An important concern at workplaces as well as public areas and homes, unfortunately sometimes slips occur even when they might have been preventable.

The following include some of the most serious injuries that may occur from slipping and falling.

Broken bones

Broken bones commonly occur after slips and falls. These injuries range in severity and have a long recovery time. For serious breaks, surgery might become necessary as part of treatment. Breaks commonly occur in the wrists, arms or ankles. Some of the most serious injuries, hip fractures, might also occur. Hip fractures or breaks become more likely if an older or frailer individual falls.

Head injuries

Some of the most serious slip-and-fall accidents lead to someone hitting their head and damaging their brain. Potentially life-threatening or life-altering, head injuries require urgent attention from a healthcare provider.

Even if a person thinks they feel okay after falling and hitting their head, they should see a doctor just in case. As with broken bones, older people especially may receive serious injuries from head trauma, but nobody should overlook this type of accident no matter how young or healthy.

Taking slip and fall accidents seriously

While often preventable, businesses and employers may not take the required steps to stop slips and falls from happening. Use caution as you go about your day and take note of slippery or wet surfaces. If you experience a fall, consider seeing a doctor to assess your injuries and create a record of the accident.