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Under what circumstances can you sue for negligent security?

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Premises Liability

It’s an unfortunate truth that violent crime is a regular part of our modern society. Although an attack could occur anywhere, there are areas where inadequate security measures can make a violent crime more likely to occur there. What kinds of security shortcomings allow you to bring a lawsuit for negligent security against an establishment if you are the victim of a violent crime on their premises?

Required security measures

The law requires businesses to exercise reasonable care when establishing security measures. If a business fails to take reasonable steps to keep their customers safe, and a customer suffers an avoidable crime, the business could be liable.

For example, violent crimes are more likely in places where there is inadequate lighting, no cameras, inadequate staffing, or other elements that could attract criminals or create opportunities for crimes to occur unnoticed. Businesses have a duty to take reasonable steps to mitigate these dangers if possible.

Convenience businesses

There is a provision of Florida law that protects owners of convenience businesses from liability for crimes that third parties commit on their premises. However, in order to claim that protection from liability, the business owner must have put into place certain minimum security measures.

These required minimum security measures include things such as a security camera system, an adequately illuminated parking lot, signage that discourages robberies, a silent alarm to law enforcement, and adequately placed windows for increased visibility.

If you have suffered a violent crime, you may be wondering if you can hold someone responsible for your injuries or losses in addition to the perpetrator of the crime. The possibility of bringing a negligent security lawsuit may be worth exploring with your attorney.