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Fiery Truck Accident on I-95 in Miami Kills One

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2021 | Firm News

One person was killed in a fiery truck accident on I-95. The fatal crash that involved a truck and a car occurred early on the morning of Monday, April 5. The authorities confirmed that the crash took place at around 3:30 a.m.

According to the details shared by the Florida Highway Patrol, both vehicles involved in the incident were traveling northbound along the I-95 at the time. The car was identified as a Buick SUV. As both vehicles reached the Northwest 62nd Street, the SUV crashed into the rear of the truck at a high rate of speed.

The sheer impact of the collision caused the hood of the SUV to be wedged under the truck. The driver of the SUV became trapped in the vehicle. The collision also sparked a fire which soon engulfed the SUV and the truck. The SUV driver couldn’t escape the vehicle in time and died in the burning vehicle. By the time the first responders and law officers reached the scene of the crash, the SUV driver was already deceased.

The identity of the driver has not yet been confirmed by the FHP. It is expected that identification details will be released once the next-of-kin have been notified.

The truck driver remained safe in the incident and had no injuries to report. The driver was able to exit the truck before it became fully engulfed in flames.

Following the accident, authorities closed down all the northbound lanes of the I-95. This was done so that on-site investigations and cleanup could be conducted. The roadway remained closed to traffic for several hours before it was reopened.

The focus of the investigations, at this point, is to determine the precise cause of the truck accident on I-95. Rear-end collisions are usually the fault of the driver in the rear. However, the driver in the front may also be at fault if sudden brakes are applied without a valid reason.

It is best to consult a Miami truck accident lawyer if you are involved in a crash like this. The lawyer can help you determine who was liable.

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