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What to do After a Pompano Beach Car Accident

It takes less than a second for a car accident to happen, but recovering physically, emotionally, and financially can take months or even years. The cost of medical bills and lost wages can add quickly, and your financial security could be entirely dependent on the outcome of your car insurance claim. What many drivers overlook, though, is the fact that the claims process begins at the scene of the crash.

There are steps you must take at the accident scene to give your claim the best chance of success. But even if you gather strong evidence, the insurance company or at-fault driver will still look for reasons to dispute or reject your claim.

If you were injured or lost a loved one in a car accident, the Pompano Beach injury lawyers at Englander Peebles can evaluate your case and help you determine the most strategic way to proceed. Call (954) 500-4878 to schedule a free consultation.

Read on to learn seven steps to take after a car accident in Pompano Beach:

1. Examine Yourself and Others for Injuries.

Your health should be your primary concern after any crash. If you or someone else was injured, call the police and ask for emergency medical assistance.

2. Contact Law Enforcement.

The police report may help your South Florida car accident lawyer prove liability and damages. This report will contain details about the cause of your accident as well as the time, date, and location where it occurred. When an officer arrives at the scene, be sure to mention any injuries you sustained, any parts of your body that feel pain, and any damage to your vehicle.

3. Take Photos of the Accident Scene.

Photos can be valuable evidence if your account of what happened is different from the other driver's account or the police report. Remember to take pictures that show skid marks, traffic signs, property damage, and the positions of vehicles. You should also capture photos of your injuries to tie them to the collision.

4. Record the Insurance and Contact Details of Other Drivers.

The insurance company will need this information to process your claim. Be sure to take pictures of the other driver's license plate, registration, and insurance card.

5. Write Down Eyewitnesses' Contact Details.

Your Broward County injury attorney may use witness testimonies to prove negligence. Talk to witnesses at the scene and record their phone numbers, email addresses, and full names. You should also ask them what they saw and write down their responses.

6. Visit Your Doctor Immediately.

Putting off your medical evaluation is one of the worst mistakes you can make after a collision. Your South Florida car accident lawyer will need medical records to tie your injuries to the crash and to prove the severity of your damages.

7. Contact a Pompano Beach Car Accident Attorney.

Insurance companies boost their profits by paying claimants as little as possible. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Englander Peebles know the tactics insurance providers use to undervalue and deny claims. We can help you avoid costly mistakes that would harm your case such as making an unprepared recorded statement, accepting a low settlement, or missing important deadlines.

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