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With cheaper prices and more convenience, it's no secret why Lyft and Uber have revolutionized the transportation industry. But very few people know their rights in the event of a rideshare accident. If you were hurt in a crash involving a Lyft vehicle, the Sunrise Lyft car accident attorneys at Englander Peebles can help you understand your rights and work to hold all liable parties accountable.

Taking immediate action will allow our lawyers to investigate your collision while all of the evidence is still available. Call (954) 500-4878 today to arrange a free consultation with a Lyft accident lawyer in Broward County.

What If a Lyft Driver Causes an Accident While Off Duty?

There are several insurance policies that may come into play after a Lyft car accident. When determining insurance liability, your injury lawyer will need to know whether the driver was on or off duty when the collision occurred. If a Lyft driver causes a wreck while off duty, meaning that the Lyft app was not in “driver mode,” then his or her personal insurance company—and not Lyft’s $1 million insurance policy—would be liable for damages.

What If Another Driver Hits a Lyft Vehicle While I Am a Passenger?

In this scenario, the at-fault driver’s insurance policy would be the first source of compensation. If that driver was uninsured or underinsured and the Lyft driver was on duty, then Lyft’s $1 million uninsured/underinsured motorist insurance policy would come into play.

What If I Was Hit by a Lyft Vehicle as a Pedestrian or Another Driver?

Again, your personal injury lawyer would need to know whether the Lyft driver was on or off duty when the collision occurred. If the driver was on duty and carrying a passenger, you could bring a claim against Lyft’s $1 million insurance policy. If the driver was off duty, your claim would be against the driver’s personal insurance policy.

Why Should I Hire a Lyft Car Accident Attorney in Sunrise?

The car accident claims process is legally complex, especially when a rideshare company is involved. Claimants who represent themselves may make costly mistakes like admitting fault, accepting a settlement too early, or not including future damages or non-economic damages in their claims.

A personal injury attorney with experience handling Lyft accident claims will help you avoid these mistakes and will ensure you are treated properly by the insurance company. The lawyers at Englander Peebles will prepare for your case as if we are going to trial, but will work hard to reach a fair settlement to get you fairly compensated as quickly as possible.

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