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If you were injured in a slip and fall accident at a marina in Florida, you may be wondering if you have grounds for a personal injury claim. The best way to answer this question is to discuss your case with one of our Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorneys.

During your free initial consultation at Englander Peebles, an experienced injury lawyer will evaluate your case and help you determine the most strategic way to pursue compensation for slip and fall accidents. Time is of the essence in any personal injury case, so it is important that you contact our office as soon as possible. Call [phone] to speak with a South Florida injury attorney.

What Should I Do after a Slip and Fall at a Marina in Florida?

Your actions and statements after a slip and fall may have a profound impact on the outcome of your personal injury claim. Follow these six steps to give your claim a favorable chance of success:

  1. Take pictures of your injury and the hazard that caused it;
  2. Look around to see if a camera recorded the accident;
  3. Report the accident and file an incident report with a worker at the marina;
  4. Write down the names and phone numbers of eyewitnesses;
  5. Visit your doctor immediately to evaluate your injuries;
  6. Contact a South Florida personal injury attorney to discuss your case.

Mistakes to Avoid after a Slip and Fall at a Marina in Florida.

It can seem impossible to think clearly after being injured in a slip and fall, but one small mistake or misguided statement could be all it takes to compromise your claim. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid after a slip and fall injury:

  • Not Reporting the Incident: It is common to feel embarrassed after a serious fall, and many people choose to get right back up and walk it off. Although you might not like the idea of reporting the incident, failing to do so may make it more difficult to file a personal injury claim;
  • Not Talking to Witnesses: Eyewitness testimony often plays an important role in slip and fall cases. This is especially true since Florida law puts the burden on the injured party to prove that the business establishment had constructive or actual knowledge of the hazard and should have taken action to fix it. If a witness saw a marina worker cause the hazard or if a witness reported the hazard to a marina worker before the incident, their testimony may help your slip and fall injury lawyer prove negligence;
  • Delaying the Medical Evaluation: If you put off your doctor’s visit, the opposing party might argue that your own negligence contributed to the severity of your injury, or that your injury was caused by something else. To avoid potential disputes, you should visit your doctor as soon as possible after you are injured.

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If you were injured in a marina slip and fall accident, contact Englander Peebles to discuss your case. Call [phone] today to speak with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury lawyer.

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