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Pompano Beach Catastrophic Injury Lawyers

Injuries occur daily in Pompano Beach, often leaving victims with minor discomforts, a few problems, some medical bills, and a day or two of missed work. When a catastrophic injury occurs, the victim often faces life-altering injuries and years of required medical care. Catastrophic injuries in Pompano Beach impact the victim as well as their families.

The attorneys for injury cases at Englander Peebles have represented catastrophic injury victims in Pompano Beach, helping them seek compensation from the liable party. We are available to help you or a family member who has suffered injuries caused by a negligent person.

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What Is a Catastrophic Injury?

Catastrophic injuries are severe injuries that lead to permanent damage or injury. These injuries are typically life-changing with long-term implications that create disfigurement, debilitation, or permanent deformities.

Catastrophic injuries that often leave a person drastically changed after the accident include:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain injuries
  • Severe bone breaks
  • Amputations
  • Electrical injuries
  • Severe burns
  • Vision and hearing loss
  • Injuries from toxic exposure (such as asbestos and carbon monoxide)
  • Internal organ damage

How Do Catastrophic Injuries Happen?

Most often, catastrophic injuries result from an accident typically caused by recklessness or carelessness. One of the leading causes of catastrophic injuries is motor vehicle crashes caused by:

  • Vehicle fires or explosions
  • Aggressive driving
  • Rollovers
  • Speeding
  • Head-on collisions
  • Driving while impaired, fatigued, or distracted
  • Higher speeds

The second leading cause of catastrophic injuries is from work-related accidents caused by:

  • Entrapments
  • Electrocutions
  • Struck-by events
  • Slip and fall

Some of the other common causes of catastrophic injuries outside of work and roadways include the following:

  • Faulty equipment or defective products
  • Hazardous substances or toxic materials
  • Dangerous properties causing exposure to unnecessary hazards and risks

Long-Term Suffering of Catastrophic Injuries

Catastrophic injuries in Pompano Beach typically leave victims with high medical expenses. Injury victims who have endured these types of severe injuries often face multiple surgeries, have to seek extensive physical rehabilitation, and continued care from doctors, and, in more serious cases, require full-time live-in caregivers. Their home may need to be modified to allow for specialized medical equipment such as wheelchairs.

When victims have serious injuries, they are typically out of work for an extended period of time or permanently, causing them short-term or long-term loss of income. Catastrophic injuries can understandably create emotional damage from the trauma, and victims often relive the incident, creating debilitating mental stress and anguish. Physical pain from the accident can last a lifetime and may or may not be managed with medical intervention and prescription medications.

Englander Peebles Is Ready to Help You

Catastrophic injuries can happen anywhere from any accident. Whether you have been in a motorcycle accident, suffered an electrical shock, experienced a slip and fall, or any other type of accident causing you catastrophic injuries, our personal injury attorneys are ready to help you seek compensation for the damages you have suffered. Our dedicated and compassionate lawyers believe those responsible for your injuries should be held accountable. Contact us today for a free case evaluation using our online form.