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The number of car accidents that occur annually can be reduced if drivers would be more careful and adhere to all traffic laws. Car accidents in Pompano Beach, Florida occur because of various reasons such as driver’s negligence, unfavorable weather, and poor road conditions. If you live in this region and have been involved in a car accident, the law allows you to seek compensation as long as someone else is responsible for causing the accident.

By contacting the FTL Injury Law firm, we can help you take legal action against the liable party and see to it that you get compensated for your damages. Therefore, contact us today, and we will help decide whether you have a strong case or not after a free evaluation.

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Car Accident Statistics In Pompano Beach, Florida.

Florida is considered to have the highest number of traffic death rates. This is according to a report published by the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). Furthermore, the health department in Florida also stated that at least 3,273 people lose their lives every year as a result of traffic collisions.

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

At FTL Injury Law firm, clients have the privilege of getting legal help without paying upfront fees. Our Pompano Beach car accident lawyers offer you quality services and make sure that you get the justice that you deserve. The only form of payment that we propose is a contingency fee, which only applies if we win your case. Therefore, do not hesitate to call us today and let us start working on your case.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

If you live in Pompano Beach, Florida, and have been involved in a car accident, you are required to do the following.

Contact Police

The police are responsible for writing a report of the incident that has taken place. That is why you are required to first of all contact the police and wait for them to arrive at the scene. Besides writing a report, the police will also control the situation and investigate more on the matter so that they can determine the cause of the accident.

Check On Other Involved Parties

After calling the police, do not free yourself from the car wreck and then walk away. Instead of leaving, check on other involved parties and try to help them as well. Take the responsibility of calling an ambulance for those who sustain serious injuries and move other victims away from the wreck as you wait for the medical team to arrive.

Exchange Info

The drivers of the cars involved in the accident are required by law to exchange their info which includes full names, driver’s license details, contact information, and insurance info. If any of the parties is not willing to comply wait for the police to arrive and they will get this information for you.

Record The Scene

It is important that you record the scene so that you can have enough evidence to build your case. However, make sure that you record clear footage so that it can be easy to identify all the details and the people involved in the accident.

Never Admit Fault

You should never admit fault after a car accident. That is because you will be held liable for all the damages and injuries sustained by the victims. Therefore, let the police and investigators determine the cause of the accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Whether you sustain serious or minor injuries, you must seek medical attention and let the doctor determine whether you are safe or not. That is because some injuries are not easy to detect, such as head injuries.

Call A Car Accident Lawyer

Calling a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer before leaving the scene can help your case. That is because your lawyer will advise you on what to state on your report and how to gather more evidence for your case.


What Is The Average Settlement For A Car Accident?

According to the state laws, one can never be certain of the average settlement for a car accident. That is because various factors determine the average settlement such as the severity of victims injuries, and the insurance policy involved

When Should I Get A Lawyer For My Auto Accident?

After being involved in a car accident, we advise victims to get in touch with a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer as soon as possible. That is because working with a legal representative in advance can increase your chances of building a strong case.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer?

Case Preparation And Filing Your Lawsuit

A Pompano Beach car accident lawyer can take legal action against the defendant by filing your lawsuit. Besides filing your lawsuit, your lawyer will also prepare for your case by making sure that all the evidence is aligned properly.

Settlement Negotiation

Another reason why you need a Pompano Beach car accident lawyer is to negotiate for a fair settlement on your behalf. The matter can be settled outside the court if the defendant is willing to pay for all the victims’ damages. However, such negotiations are not easy to deal with since there are other parties involved including insurance adjusters and the defendant’s attorney.

Trial Preparation And Presentation

Your car accident lawyer will also prepare your case for trial and present you in court. As part of trial preparation, your lawyer will provide all the evidence gathered and talk to poetical witnesses.

How Much Can I Expect To Receive For My Damages?

You can expect to receive less or more money as a settlement for your damages based on various factors such as the nature of the car accident, cost of treatment, and liability.

What Type Of Damages Can I Recover In Pompano Beach, Florida?


Economic damages are awarded to the car accident victims to compensate them for their financial loss caused by the accident. Some of the things that are recovered through economic damages are medical expenses, lost wages, and the cost of replacement or repair.


This type of damages usually refers to non-tangible damages such as pain, loss of companionship, emotional distress, and even loss of consortium.


This type of damages is awarded by the state to purposely punish the guilty party for the malicious act that caused the car accident.

How Is Fault Determined In Pompano Beach, Florida?

Even though Florida is a no-fault auto state, there is another principle called comparative negligence that is used to determine fault in a car accident in Florida.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim In Pompano Beach, Florida?

The State’s statute of limitations law requires you to file your claim within four years. Even though this might seem like a long period, we advise you to file your claim at an early stage with our help. Do not take too long to file your claim because you risk losing some of your evidence as well as testimony from potential witnesses.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me File My Insurance Claim?

As mentioned earlier, Florida is a no-fault state. That means you might be required to turn to your personal injury protection insurance policy and seek compensation for your damages. However, if the insurance company denies your claim, contact the FTL Injury Law firm, and we will draft a demand letter for you. A demand letter usually includes all the relevant information and evidence relating to the victim’s injuries.


What Can I Do If Insurance Denied My Claim?

If your claim is denied after submitting the demand letter, your car accident lawyer will proceed to take the matter to trial.

Do I Have A Case?

If you are not sure of whether you have a case after being involved in a car accident, contact our Pompano Beach car accident lawyers at FTL Injury Law firm, and we will help you determine whether you have a case or not.

What If The Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

If the other driver does not have an insurance policy, then you will have no other choice but to turn to your personal injury protection insurance since Florida is a no-fault state.

How Can I Obtain An Accident Report In Pompano Beach, Florida?

You can obtain an accident report by visiting the Pompano Beach police department website. Once you visit the domain, you will have the privilege of requesting the accident report which will cost you $5 if you are a Pompano Beach resident and $15 if you are a non-pompano beach resident.

Common Car Accident Injuries.

These are some of the common car accident injuries that are sustained by victims.

  • Brain injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Facial disfigurement
  • Leg and knee injuries
  • Death

Types Of Car Accidents We Handle

At FTL Injury Law firm we also handle the following types of car accidents.

  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Uber accidents.

If you have been involved in any of these accidents, contact our Pompano Beach car accident lawyers at FTL Injury Law Firm, and we will help you with your case.

Contact a Pompano Beach Car Accident Lawyer

After being involved in a car accident in Pompano Beach, Florida, contact the FTL Injury Law firm to help seek a fair settlement for your damages.

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