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Car accidents are a serious issue in Florida. Many people have been injured as a result of car accidents. Many measures have been put in place to ensure that drivers are more cautious on the road. However, some of them still fail to adhere to the set rules and end up causing accidents that could have been prevented. In some cases, victims may be left with severe injuries. Car accidents are the leading cause of deaths on the road.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a crash caused by someone else’s carelessness or recklessness, the skilled personal injury attorneys at Englander Peebles can help. Contact us today for a free case review with a Pembroke Pines car accident lawyer.

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Car Accident Statistics In Florida

When we talk about Florida, it is essential to look at the population. While other states will experience higher accident rates among teenage drivers, Florida records a high rate of car accidents among the elderly. This is partly because the state has a large retired population. As people get older, there is a need to put more stringent rules for older drivers. It is important to note that every year, there are about 400,000 traffic accidents in Florida. For example, there were 401,851 car accidents in Florida in the year 2018. In 2019, around 3273 people lost their lives in traffic collisions.

As the population of the state increases, the number of accidents keeps increasing every year. However, less than one percent of the accidents in Florida are fatal. In 2017, there were about 391,782 crashes in Florida, with 45,620 of those accidents resulting in injuries.

Common Causes of Car Crashes in Florida

Some of the factors that lead to car accidents include distracted driving and poor weather conditions. These two factors account for most of the car accidents in Florida. While we can control distracted driving, the issue of poor weather conditions is beyond our control.

The authorities have been trying to put strict measures on drivers who get distracted by their phones while driving. That is why laws have been created to prevent drivers from texting while operating a car. The issue of drunk driving is also among the top factors causing car accidents in the state.

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

Most victims in Florida are concerned about the cost of hiring a car accident lawyer. That is why our attorneys at Englander Peebles take cases on a contingency fee basis. This means your attorney will only receive a payment if they win. Usually, the firm will take a percentage of the sum you receive from the verdict or insurance financial settlement agreement. In Florida, most law firms will charge a contingency fee percentage ranging between 25 and 40.

There are many benefits of hiring a lawyer who operates on a contingency payment plan. First, it saves you from having to use a lot of money on a case whose outcome you aren’t sure about. Secondly, it gives the attorneys an incentive to work harder because they want to win the case and even achieve a high settlement amount.

What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

We never know when we will become victims of a car accident. That is why we need to educate ourselves on the steps to take in case we get into a car accident. Read on to learn the necessary steps to take should you find yourself in an accident.

Contact The Police

Regardless of whether the accident is minor or major, it is always advisable to call the police as soon as the incident occurs. This is because the police will be instrumental when you need to process insurance claims. In case of an accident, the cars involved should remain exactly where they are to ensure that all the evidence is gathered without interference. If the police are not able to come to the scene, you should go to the nearest police station and report the incident yourself as soon as possible.

Police officer taking report from scared young woman after car crash

Check On The Other Involved Parties

Apart from checking yourself for injuries, you should also check on the other passengers’ wellbeing. Doing this is important because you will be able to determine the extent of the accident. Also, if one of the passengers is badly hurt and needs medical attention, you will be able to call the medics as soon as possible and save their life.

Exchange Information

Exchange of information is very crucial, especially when you are at the scene of the accident. In case you need to file a lawsuit, you will have contacts of some of the witnesses, who will be crucial in determining the success of your case. When exchanging information, ensure that you get the most important details such as names, telephone numbers, and the address of the people in the vicinity at the time of the accident. Also, gather the drivers’ license number as well as the plate number.

Record The Scene And Don’t Admit Fault

If you haven’t been badly injured, you are advised to stay at the scene for as long as possible. Take this time to inspect the car and see the extent of the damage. Also, take photos of the car and accident scene, as these will be used to build your case. As you do this, make sure you don’t interfere with the ongoing police investigation. One other crucial thing to remember is to never admit fault at the scene of the accident. Let the authorities decide who is liable for the car accident.

Seek Medical Attention

If you are a victim of any car accident in Florida, make a point of seeking medical attention. This is because sometimes, the injuries you sustain are internal and may not be visible to the naked eye. See a doctor and have everything checked out, just to ascertain that you are okay.

Contact An Attorney

After all of this, call a skilled Pembroke Pines car accident lawyer. They can help ensure you receive a fair compensation amount and guide you through the legal process.

Why Do I Need A Car Accident Lawyer?

If you want to receive the compensation you deserve, having a skilled Pembroke Pines car accident lawyer on your side can make all the difference.

Case Preparation

Without substantial evidence to prove the other party was negligent, you cannot get compensation for the injuries you suffered. An attorney at our firm will gather all evidence, including the camera surveillance, witness statements, and even obtain the accident reports for you.

Settlement Negotiation

Our car accident lawyers at Englander Peebles have excellent negotiation skills, which will come in handy when dealing with insurance firms. Insurance firms are stubborn and may try to give low settlements to resolve the cases quickly. At Englander Peebles, we will work to negotiate fair compensation for you. Once you hire us, we will handle all communications with the insurer and ensure you receive reasonable compensation.

Handshake between Pembroke Pines car accident lawyer and insurance adjustor

Representation At Trial

If you choose to go to trial, our firm will represent you well since we put your best interests before ours. We also have the experience to give you the best possible chance of getting compensation for your injuries.

What Type Of Damages Can I Recover?

Many injuries resulting from car accidents may result in costly medical bills and may even affect your earning capability. You may get economic damages to cater for your medical bills, property damage, and any other costs that can be quantified. You are also eligible to receive non-economic damages if you have incurred pain and suffering due to the accident.

Punitive damages are applied to punish a defendant and make an example out of them. They are only applied if there is evidence that the driver was guilty of intentional wrongdoing or gross negligence.

How Is Car Accident Fault Determined In Florida?

For the defendant to be held liable for the car accident, the plaintiff must prove several elements. First, they have to prove that the defendant owed him or her duty of care during the time of the accident. They should also prove that the defendant was negligent and therefore failed in their duty of care. The defendant will be at fault if their action or lack thereof caused the plaintiff injuries, and because of this, the plaintiff incurred losses like medical bills or pain and suffering.

How Long Do I Have To File A Claim?

We advise that you file the car accident claim as soon as the accident occurs to fasten the process and ensure that your case is dealt with promptly. Florida’s statute of limitations requires you to file a personal injury case within four years from the date the accident took place.

What Can I Do If Insurance Denied My Claim?

Insurance firms will always try to minimize costs by reducing the payouts they pay to policyholders. The insurer might deny the claims if your policy doesn’t cover the accident you have been involved in, if you were under the influence at the time of the accident, and if you missed the deadlines. In case your insurer refuses to settle your claims, contact a lawyer to help you file an appeal.

How Can I Obtain An Accident Report?

If you have been involved in a car accident in Florida, you are entitled to an accident report from the law enforcement agency that filed it, regardless of whose fault the accident was. Just ensure you have the time and date of the accident, the case number, the location where the accident took place, and the name of the drivers involved.

Review Your Case With A Pembroke Pines Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a car accident in Florida, contact our car accident law firm. Don’t waste time. We will offer you excellent services and fight to ensure you are compensated well. We are available 24/7 and we don’t charge anything for initial consultations.

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