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When it comes to finding the best truck accident attorney in Florida to represent you, it is smart to consider one with experience and an unblemished reputation. Moreover, the lawyer should have handled such vehicle accident lawsuits. Please keep in mind that truck accident cases can be challenging due to different legal elements that we at Englander Peebles will not overlook when you come to us for help. Our Palm City truck accident lawyer will be committed to ensuring your rights and interests are protected and preserved.

Given how these factors can influence the outcomes of your lawsuit and how those accused of causing the accident will not take things lying down, you should have the right team of legal professionals on your side.  We have attorneys that are well-versed with truck and tractor accidents, knowing how such cases can overlap.

Call our law offices today at (954) 231-1384 to speak to a seasoned Palm City auto accident attorney and learn how we can help you win your truck accident case. We offer a free initial case review to determine if your case is worth pursuing and advise you on the best steps to take.

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Truck Accident Statistics In Florida

According to data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, Florida has one of the highest cases of fatal truck or tractor-trailer accidents in America. Nearly 30 incidents with fatalities are recorded annually, with close to 130 people suffering incapacitating injuries and more than 350 sustained minor injuries.

Most truck accidents in Florida and other states in the country are attributed to speeding, driver fatigue, distracted driving, and faulty or malfunctioning vehicle parts. However, cases of driving while intoxicated are on the rise.

Irrespective of the cause of the truck accident, the victims are left with significant injuries whose impact on their way of life is substantial. Why should you ensure the losses, pain, and suffering attributed to a truck accident caused by the reckless, negligent, or malicious actions of a truck driver or trucking company? We at Englander Peebles can help you fight for your rights and ensure you receive full compensation.

What Should You Do After A Truck Accident?

Staying informed and understanding the steps to take to protect yourself and your family after a truck or tractor accident in Florida is something that recommends. Some of the measures that would be best to take immediately after the incident include:

Stay at the Scene

Leaving the site can have you being accused of something like a hit-and-run. Moreover, you could offer assistance such as moving others involved in the accident to safety as you note the situation.

Call 911

Call 911 and inform the police and medical emergency response team of the incident. You can request another person to make the call if you cannot do it yourself.

Record Evidence

Document the incident with your phone. Take pictures of the scene or record short video clips of the injuries, the vehicles involved, road conditions, nearby landmarks, debris, and road signs.

Get Contact Info From Witnesses

Collect the witnesses’ names and contact details so they can be asked to testify during the trial.

Seek Medical Attention

Go for a medical checkup even if you feel or believe you did not sustain any injuries. Let a doctor examine you to confirm all is well.

Contact a Palm City Truck Accident Lawyer

Get in touch with a truck accident attorney at Englander Peebles as soon as possible to have them take over the legal aspects of protecting your rights and interests as they start the process of filing a truck accident lawsuit against those responsible.

Truck accident scene

What Are The Laws Regarding Truck Accident Liability In Palm City, FL?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration sets laws that all truck companies and drivers must uphold. They also must adhere to state laws. Overall, trucking companies and truck driver should abide by the following:

  • Drivers should have a Commercial Driver License.
  • Drivers cannot operate trucks for more than the maximum number of hours, so they have time to rest.
  • Loaders must adhere to the maximum tonnage for the respective truck type and cargo on transit.
  • The trucking company must have quality control measures in place that govern fleet inspection, repair, and maintenance.

How Can A Truck Accident Lawyer Help?

Opting to have an accomplished Palm City truck accident lawyer by your side has its benefits. Some of the things that your attorney will handle that will have a positive impact on your compensation case include:


We will be quick to do the investigations as soon as the next day after the accident if you come to us immediately after the incident. It is a wise move because the trucking company or the driver’s insurer will be fast to send experts to the scene to find anything they can use to discredit or limit your claim.

Filing A Claim

What we gather during the investigations will serve as evidence that sets the grounds to file a robust track accident lawsuit. Your attorney shall use it to show that your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering are a direct result of the truck accident. It also will be used to prove liability, whether the claim case is to be resolved through arbitration, settlement negotiations, or court trial.


The party at fault will have their insurer and lawyers overseeing their case, trying to minimize the compensation. As such, they may approach you, trying to convince you to accept a lower settlement or make you take fault for the accident. That is why you should have a reputable and experienced trucking accident attorney on your side overseeing the negotiations to ensure the outcome is favorable to you.


We shall take the matter to court if the negotiations do not have a favorable or amicable outcome. We shall present all the facts surrounding your case before the judge or jury, who will deliberate on what every side presents and hand down their verdict. Our object is to ensure those at fault as determined and punished, and then you, as the victim, awarded full compensation for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering.

Palm City truck accident lawyer filing a lawsuit.

What Types Of Compensation Can I Receive?

State and federal laws give you the right to pursuing economic and non-economic damages for a truck accident, with room for seeking punitive damages against the parties responsible.

Economic Damages

The economic damage will be for the financial losses you sustained after the accident. Such things include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, funeral/burial costs, and loss of the capacity to earn a living.

Non-Economic Damages

The damages are to recover losses that don’t have a set monetary value but impact your way of living significantly. They can be things like physical, mental, and emotional damages, loss of consortium, etc.

Punitive Damages

Punitive damages will primarily serve as punishment for the responsible party. They are only awarded in cases where the responsible party is guilty of gross negligence or intentional misconduct.

How Much Is My Truck Accident Claim Worth?

Money will not be an answer to everything that you have gone through or suffered after the incident, but our Palm City truck accident lawyers will ensure you get the fair compensation that provides financial refuge needed to help you regain a sense of normalcy in your way of life.

The investigations that your attorney conducts with the help of other experts in different specialties will help determine the values of the losses or damages. Their findings will also be vital in developing a robust claim case to ensure you get full compensation. We shall provide expert guidance and advise you on what to do to protect your rights and ensure you get a favorable outcome.

Is There A Deadline For Filing A Claim In Florida?

While the state laws give you four years from the time of the accident to file your claim, do not think that this is enough time for you to focus on other things. Truck accident lawsuits in the state of Florida are marred by complexities that necessitate working closely with a dependable lawyer lest you encounter hurdles that might have you miss out on the stipulated time for taking action.

Handshake between Palm City truck accident lawyer and client.

How Is Fault In A Truck Accident Determined?

Our efforts to determine liability for the accident will focus on the following:

  • Proving that the driver flouted traffic rules and regulations.
  • Giving undeniable reasons for evaluating the driver’s and employer’s professional credentials to confirm they followed the required employment protocols.
  • Examine the truck to confirm it was well maintained and sound for running on the roads.
  • Checking for manufacturing defects the vehicle could have when leaving the assembly line and whether the faults caused or lead to the accident.

Can A Lawyer Prove The Truck Driver Was Negligent?

We are confident that the investigations we conduct with the help of experts such as accident reconstruction specialists will provide all the facts needed to prove if the truck driver’s actions were negligent. Conversely, the same findings will point us to those liable and compensate you for your injuries, losses, pain, and suffering.

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Please note that our investigations will focus on unearthing the roles that the following playing in the accident and their liability.

Truck Drivers

To determine if they own the vehicle or are employed and whether they adhered to the federal and state traffic safety laws.

Trucking Company

To determine they hired qualified drivers, provided adequate training, and recommended work schedules that allow their employees enough time to rest.

Overturned truck on road.

Company Who Loaded the Truck

To determine if they loaded cargo according to the maximum tonnage guidelines and secured it properly for transit.

Vehicle or Parts Manufacturers

To know if the vehicle has a defective part or was poorly maintained, thus causing the accident. And this means the parts manufacture, the fleet maintenance contractor, or parts distributor can be implicated in the lawsuit.

Common Causes Of Truck Accidents

Over the years, we have handled numerous truck accident cases, and we have come to discover that many of them are attributed to one or more of the following issues:

  • Driver fatigue
  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Reckless driving
  • Oversized or improperly secured cargo
  • Poorly trained or inexperienced drivers
  • Distracted driving
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Lack of adequate truck maintenance
  • Poor road conditions

Call Our Palm City Truck Accident Lawyers Today

The reasons or causes for the accident will be factored into your compensation case to determine the damages recoverable; we also know that the judge or jury will consider other things when awarding the compensation. As such, thorough investigations are essential if you are to secure your rights and interests, ensuring you avoid shouldering any liability for the incident.

That is why you should get in touch with our highly experienced, reputable, and reliable Palm City personal injury attorneys today about your truck accident case. At Englander Peebles, we are prepared to fight for the maximum compensation. Call our law office at (954) 231-1384 to schedule a free case review and know more.

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