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The City of Oakland Park is home to approximately 41,000 Florida residents. Like any major city, Oakland Park has its fare share of car accidents. According to the Florida Department of Transportation in its 2016 Highway Safety Plan, Oakland Park ranks 31st out of 94 cities in Florida with populations between 15,000 and 74,999 with regard to the number of injuries and fatalities stemming from driving under the influence. It also ranks ninth in both in speed-related accidents as well as for car accidents causing injuries and fatalities. If you have been injured due to a car accident in Oakland Park, or anywhere in Broward County, Englander Peebles' Oakland Park Car Accident Lawyers can provide you with effective representation for your injuries.

Driving Under the Influence Car Accidents

Driving under the influence of alcohol in Florida is a crime. Florida law imposes severe penalties for DUI offenders, which includes suspension of driver’s license, imprisonment, and thousands of dollars in fines. However, when a person who is driving under the influence also causes a car accident and injures or kills someone, they may be sued in court in a personal injury or wrongful death action.

In these lawsuits, much of the evidence that will be presented in the criminal prosecution is also relevant to the personal injury lawsuit. Therefore, results of field sobriety tests, breathalyzers, and chemical or blood tests can be used in court to show that the defendant was driving under the influence and therefore liable for injuries that he or she caused.

Florida Dram Shop Law

In Florida, victims can also bring so-called “dram shop” lawsuits, which are negligence claims against a bar, restaurant, or liquor store that sold or provided alcohol to a minor under 21 years or to someone who is habitually addicted to alcohol, if that person drives and causes injuries. These claims are allowed by Florida statute, and could be used to hold bars, taverns, restaurants, gas stations, and grocery stores liable, but in order to prevail, a plaintiff must prove that the establishment knew, or should have known, that the driver was a minor or is an alcoholic.

4 Essential Actions You Must Take After a Car Accident:
  • Call 911 and Obtain Medical Care – If you or any of the passengers in you automobile are injured, call 911. Often people experience a rush of adrenaline or "shock" resulting from an accident. This "adrenaline boost" can conceal severe injuries. Be sure to have a thorough medical evaluation despite the lack of any visible injuries or significant pain.

  • Phone the Police - Filing a police report concerning the collision is necessary to avoid future legal issues. Explain to law enforcement how the accident happened. In your account of the accident, state any assertions made by the other motorist. Particularly, report any statements the other driver that are an acknowledgment of liability. Report to the officer any injuries you and/or your passengers have sustained. Also, obtain the accident report number along with the officer's name and contact details. A copy of the accident report should be ready for you to pick up in a few days.

  • Capture Photographic Evidence of the Scene, the Cars Involved, and Injuries Sustained - Take pictures of the crash scene from multiple distances and angles. Also, take pictures of the automobiles involved. These images can be especially useful when filing a personal injury claim with an insurance company. Preserve all of the pictures by emailing the photographs to yourself and/or downloading the photographs a computer.

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What Kind of Compensation Can I Receive?

Every car accident claim is different and has a distinct set of circumstances. Usually, injury victims who are not at fault for the wreck can obtain compensation for their financial losses and injuries, including:

  • Damage to their vehicle and property within the vehicle;
  • Compensation for a rental car;
  • Accident related medical costs plus costs for recurring medical care;
  • Lost income, lost future income (if you cannot return to your job;
  • Mental anguish, pain and suffering.
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