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Lowe's Slip and Falls

Slip and fall accidents are a leading cause of hip, back, shoulder, neck, and head injuries in the United States. More than 1 million people visit emergency rooms every year due to slips and falls. If you were injured after falling in a Lowe’s Home Improvement store, you may be entitled to compensation for your medical bills, lost income, and other damages. A Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney from Englander Peebles can evaluate your case for free to determine if you have grounds for a claim.

Slip and fall cases have become more challenging to win over recent years due to changes in Florida law. Our injury lawyers are well-versed in the laws that govern these cases, and we can help you navigate the claims process from start to finish. Call us today at (954) 500-4878 to speak with a South Florida injury attorney.

Proving Negligence in Lowe’s Slip and Fall Cases.

For your premises liability claim to be successful, it must be shown that the negligence of Lowe’s staff contributed to your injury. Lowe’s and other business establishments in Florida have a duty to keep their premises reasonably safe for patrons. That means they must clean up spills promptly, remove tripping hazards from walkways, ensure adequate lighting, fix uneven floor surfaces, and provide adequate warning to customers about dangerous conditions.

In addition to proving that a hazard in the store caused your injury, it must be shown that Lowe's staff had constructive or actual knowledge of the dangerous condition. Actual knowledge, or "actual notice," means the store owner, his/her agent, or an employee was aware that the hazard existed. For example, if the store owner, his/her agent, or employee caused the hazard, he/she would be considered to have actual knowledge of it. Actual knowledge also exists if a third party, such as a customer, causes a hazard and the store owner, his/her agent, or an employee becomes aware of it.

Constructive knowledge exists when the business establishment should have known about the hazard because it occurs regularly or because it existed for a significant length of time. Depending on the facts surrounding your case, there are several types of evidence that our injury attorneys might use to prove actual or constructive knowledge including:

  • Surveillance footage taken before your accident;
  • Eyewitness testimony;
  • The incident report and police report; and
  • Past complaints made against the store regarding similar hazards.

Proving negligence is just one element of a successful premises liability claim. Evidence is also needed to prove the value of your damages. The Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys at Englander Peebles can help you gather medical documents, paystubs, income tax returns, and other invoices and receipts to prove your damages. Our attorneys can also arrange medical expert witness testimony.

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