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If your home has suffered property damage in Fort Lauderdale because of a natural disaster, crime, accident, or some other event, it is crucial to hire an experienced lawyer to help you pursue your claims. The insurance company you are filing a claim with will likely aggressively contest your claims, try to delay payments, or try to argue that the property damage amount is less than what you are entitled to under your policy (underpayment). Examples of property damage in Fort Lauderdale can include, but are not limited to: hurricane damage, fire damage, pipe bursts, roof tile damage, mold, and theft. Englander Peebles' Fort Lauderdale Homeowner’s Property Damage Claim Lawyers assist homeowners in Fort Lauderdale and the South Florida area obtain the compensation that they are entitled to and can provide you with a free initial consultation.

Common Property Damage Claims

Florida, being a coastal state with plenty of inland waterways, often experiences natural disasters and events that cause owners to file certain types of property damage claims. Unsurprisingly, water damage is one of the most often filed claims in Florida. Water damage policies cover sudden issues that result from damaged or broken pipes, or drain failures that result in plumbing backups. Water damage can result in mold and mildew, rotting wood, and rusted metal, and can be expensive to fix. Flooding is also common in Florida, especially for homes near the coast. It is also one of the most expensive claims with costs potentially reflecting total home loss.

Wind damage is also prevalent in the area. Many areas in Florida are subjected to high winds from tornadoes, hurricanes, and cyclones, and the damages can be significant such as roof damage, structural damage, or damage to landscaping, to total loss. Heavy storms are also a daily experience in many areas of Florida, resulting in numerous lightning strikes to houses. These types of claims include damages that are the result of lightning, including fire, and can be very costly.

Finally, damage caused by vandalism, theft, or other accidents are also frequently filed homeowner’s claims in Fort Lauderdale. Many insurance policies cover valuable items such as art, jewelry, and electronics if they are stolen. Vandalism damage can occur on all types of property, and may include spray paint damage, broken windows, or destroyed items. Also, when a car or other vehicle crashes into your home, business, or yard, it can cause extensive damage, and having an attorney assist you with your claims can help ensure that the insurance company properly compensates you for the cost of repairs.

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