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A lot of people get hurt, some quite seriously, at places like Sky Zone or Rockin Jump indoor trampoline parks. Given the fact that these entertainment venues are somewhat hazardous to begin with, many people wrongfully assume that there’s nothing you can do if you’re hurt.

This is not true, though. However, the laws and rules that apply to these facilities do differ from injuries in other locations. So, it’s important to hire an experienced injury law firm with the knowledge and proven ability to recover compensation for clients.

At Englander Peebles, we are here to help. If you were injured in a trampoline accident, give our team a call to learn more and find out how we can help.

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Are Indoor Trampoline Parks Dangerous?

Well, yes and no. If you are going to go to a trampoline park, you need to have reasonable expectations about the experience. A Fort Lauderdale trampoline accident lawyer can help you better understand your rights and responsibilities when it comes to these types of businesses.

Responsible businesses post appropriate warnings, screen guests for proper gear, footwear, and so forth. Likewise, responsible business owners will usually insist upon things like headgear and age requirements. There are also generally height requirements and medical warnings about certain conditions and limitations. Overall, when operated by responsible owners and management teams, most of these places are not really dangerous.

On the other hand, they definitely have more hazards to consider than most other places in public. With people jumping in an open area, falls, broken arms and legs, and head traumas are quite common. When facility owners and management companies make mistakes or fail to take precautions, tragedies can happen.

Common Injuries Experienced at Trampoline Parks

As one might expect, trampoline parks are notorious for a certain type of injury. In most cases, trampoline injuries include things like:

  • Falls
  • Broken legs
  • Sprained ankles and knees
  • Fractured lower extremities
  • Head traumas
  • Broken or otherwise injured arms
  • Broken or injured collar bones
  • Broken toes, fingers, shoulders, etc.
  • Head-to-head injuries

Small boy with his arm in plaster cast

Many people get hurt by colliding with other patrons, yet some are injured due to landing in the wrong way.

Causes of Trampoline Accidents in Florida

Many trampoline accidents in Florida are the result of inadequate training, poor supervision, and inadequately maintained premises. In fact, some injuries don’t even take place on the trampolines. Sometimes injuries happen in bathrooms, hallways, and eating areas. A slip and fall injury can take many shapes. Here are a few examples of underlying causes that can lead to serious harm:

  • Trampolines in disrepair
  • Lack of supervision
  • Lack of security and business staff
  • Poor training for staff
  • Fluids and spills
  • Obstacles left on floor or trampoline surface
  • Safety harnesses in disrepair
  • Lack of good fitting equipment
  • No helmets available
  • Not requiring helmets for patrons
  • Not adhering to basic standards like height, weight, and age restrictions
  • Allowing roughhousing and reckless play

This is by no means an exhaustive list, as there can be any number of underlying causes that can contribute to injuries in these types of facilities.

Can I Sue the Trampoline Park for My Injuries?

Maybe. There are a lot of issues to be resolved first. For example, most of these facilities will have patrons sign a waiver and release of liability. This usually includes key language like an assumption of risk statement. This just means that in order to gain access and use the facility, you must sign a statement agreeing that you voluntarily assumed any possible risks associated with the trampoline.

These types of waivers are strictly upheld by courts, so if you signed one, it can be tough to overcome. However, there are definitely exceptions that can leave the facility open to a lawsuit. These might include the following:

Not on the Trampoline

You may have assumed the risks associated with the trampoline, but this does not automatically mean you assumed the risk of slipping on a wet surface in the bathroom or an eating area.

Unreasonable Risks

Most Florida courts will uphold an assumption of risk agreement, but they will not generally expand it to all harms. In other words, you can assume certain risks, but you still have a right to expect basic safety features.

Improper Facility Management and Supervision

Yes, you may be aware of the normal and reasonable dangers of using a trampoline, but you also have a right to expect certain basic things will be in place. For instance, you likely expect that staff will be properly trained in securing gear. You likely expect that there will be someone present to keep others from being overly rowdy or dangerous. Finally, you have a right to expect that the trampoline is actually in good repair.

Compensation Available for Trampoline Accidents

Like any injury claim in Florida, there are several types of compensation that you can seek. What you actually receive will depend on your case and your unique situation. In most cases, victims can recover the following types of compensation if they are able to prove that the trampoline park was negligent and prove the actual losses that they experienced. These compensation types include:

  • Medical bills – If you incur medical expenses as a result of a negligent trampoline park, then you might be able to seek payment for those injuries.
  • Lost income – If you are put out of work as a result of the injuries, then you might be able to claim the value of your lost wages.
  • Future losses – Sometimes a person’s injuries will have long-term effects, such as requiring future medical treatment, impairing the ability to work and earn a living, or even requiring things like adaptive housing or prosthetics.
  • Pain and suffering – Practically a household term, this frequently misunderstood expression represents the money that is paid to a victim to compensate for the physical anguish and agony that is endured due to an injury.
  • Loss of a normal life – While rare for minor cases, in some serious examples of personal injury claims, the victims have experienced such enormous changes in their everyday lives that they lose the ability to enjoy life in the same way as they once were able. Common examples are amputations, brain injuries, and spinal injuries leading to paralysis.

How Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You

After an injury at a trampoline park in south Florida, you will likely be asked to complete forms, sign an incident report, or even give a recorded statement. Depending on the policies of the facility, these things may take place on-site or at a later time.

Two sisters bouncing in the trampoline park. Contact a trampoline accident lawyer if your child was hurt.

In general, it is best if you don’t say too much. Yes, you want to definitely report the injury, make sure it is documented, and get the names of any witnesses or employees who may have been present. But beyond that, your first focus should be getting medical treatment. After that, call an attorney from Englander Peebles. Here’s how we can help.

Determining Liability

The first step in any injury investigation is determining liability. That means figuring out how the injury took place and what may have led to the injury. Were there procedures that didn’t get followed? Did employees fail to do something they were supposed to do? Was something not in proper condition? Our firm will launch a rapid investigation in order to preserve as much evidence as possible while trying to prove liability.

Securing Medical Treatment

Another critical problem after many injuries is finding medical care. Believe it or not, some healthcare providers will refuse to provide treatment if they suspect there is an injury claim pending. This is because they don’t want to be called to testify, and they don’t like the uncertainty of possibly not getting paid right away. Our office may be able to help you find medical providers who will treat your injuries regardless of your access to health insurance.

Negotiating a Swift Resolution

While not every case can be settled quickly, we always try. We will take over the negotiations so that you can focus on your recovery. If a reasonable settlement is possible, we’ll help you achieve it. If not, we are not afraid to take on large insurance companies by filing suit and pursuing justice through the courts.

Call our Trampoline Park Accident Law Firm Today

Trampoline park injuries are sometimes far more serious than they initially seem. Some people have suffered traumatic brain injuries, concussions, broken jaws and noses, arm and leg fractures, and many other permanent injuries.

While it’s perfectly reasonable to expect some element of risk when playing at a trampoline park, this does not mean you waive all rights and protections when you step foot into the building. You still have the right to be warned of unreasonable dangers, and you have a right to expect basic safety precautions are being used.

With offices throughout South Florida, Englander Peebles makes it convenient to get the help that you deserve after an injury. Whether you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury or broken bones at one of the many trampoline parks in the area, including Sky Zone and Rockin Jump, we are here to help. Contact us to get started and speak to a trampoline accident attorney in Fort Lauderdale today.

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