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Fort Lauderdale Apartment Complex Slip and Falls

A serious fall can happen when you least expect it, and it can take months or even years to recover physically, emotionally, and financially. At Englander Peebles, we are dedicated to providing compassionate and aggressive representation to help our clients recover the compensation they need after an injury. If you were injured in a trip or slip and fall accident at a Fort Lauderdale apartment complex, contact our office to discuss your case with a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney.

The landlord or property manager may try to argue that the accident was somehow your fault, or that they did not have actual or constructive knowledge of the hazard. Our injury lawyers can help you gather the evidence needed to prove negligence and if we are unable to secure a fair settlement, we are not afraid to take your case to trial.

It is important that you start the claims process as soon as possible because over time, important evidence may become unavailable. Also, there are steps you must take early in the claims process to give your case the most favorable chance of success. Our Fort Lauderdale injury attorneys can guide you through every stage of filing your claim and help you avoid costly mistakes. Call us today at (954) 500-4878 for a free consultation.

Why Is It Important to Hire an Injury Attorney to Help with Premises Liability Claims?

The laws that govern premises liability claims in Florida are complex, and one small oversight could be all it takes to compromise your case. The personal injury attorneys at Englander Peebles can help you avoid mistakes like accepting a settlement too early, overlooking future damages or non-economic damages, or missing important deadlines.

Even if it seems obvious that your injuries were caused by the negligence of your landlord or property manager, you will need evidence to show that the liable party had constructive knowledge or actual knowledge of the dangerous condition that caused your injuries and should have fixed it. Proving this may require surveillance footage, eyewitness testimony, records of past complaints about similar issues, and/or photos of the hazard that caused your injuries.

A personal injury lawyer from Englander Peebles can gather this evidence so you can focus on your recovery.

Finally, the opposing party is more likely to take your claim seriously if you hire an attorney. Our lawyers can handle settlement negotiations on your behalf and, if necessary, we have the courtroom experience to take your case to trial.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Fort Lauderdale Today.

At Englander Peebles, we understand the physical and psychological challenges of recovering from a trip or slip and fall accident. Our personal injury attorneys will represent your interests with the utmost compassion and tenacity. Schedule a free initial consultation today by calling (954) 500-4878.

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My experience with this firm was phenomenal from start to finish. If you're looking for results and someone to really care about your needs don't hesitate to use the best! Thank you! Chris U.
Mr. Englander and Mr. Peebles are truly exceptional lawyers. Very caring towards their clients and very professional. They both helped me settle a very difficult property damage claim, it was settled in a timely manner with the utmost professionalism. Darren E.
From start to finish, Warren Peebles was professional, compassionate and straight forward! I want to thank him for winning my case and helping me step by step through the process! Thank you and Happy Holidays! Kim C.