What are some common injuries of slip and fall victims?

Published August 10, 2018 by Christina Catedrilla

  • Broken or sprained wrists and ankles. During a slip and fall accident, your common impulse is to catch yourself. Unfortunately, trying to stabilize yourself can cause you to put too much pressure on your hands or onto the delicate bones in the wrists and ankles, causing them to be sprained or to break;
  • Stretched tendons and pulled muscles. The body has natural reflexes in anticipation of a painful fall. These reflexes include tensing muscles or twisting the body. These natural reflexes may result in overextension of tendons or overstretch of muscles;
  • Bruised or fractured tailbones and clavicles. If during a slip and fall accident, you fall backwards, your natural reaction will be to extend your buttocks to absorb the direct impact on the body’s softest part. However, the sheer force of the fall may be so great that it goes through the tailbone, causing extensive bruising or even fractures. Also, you may fall forward and hit your chest on the ground. If the collarbone hits the hard ground first, the impact of that fall may cause the clavicle to fracture;
  • Back or spinal cord injuries. If you fall on your back, most of the force of the impact may be absorbed by the spine. That may cause vertebrae to break, discs to slip, or nerves to be damaged. This impact may even cause permanent, disabling injuries on the spinal cord itself; and
  • Head injuries. The skull is attached to the body by small, delicate bones, and when you fall on your chest or your back, it acts like a whip to the skull. The impact may whip the skull back and forth. At a minimum, this may cause whiplash and other neck injuries. At worst, this may result in a skull fracture, brain bruising, concussion, or even traumatic brain injuries.

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