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The challenges faced after a traumatic limb amputation

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Car Accidents

The one thing you can say after the horrific car crash is that you are alive. However, with the catastrophic injuries you sustained, your recovery will take a long time. Why? Because you have lost a limb.

The majority of U.S. hospitals that see traumatic amputations report that such cases are the result of motor vehicle crashes, industrial accidents and motorcycle crashes in that order. More than half of such incidents led to amputations below the knee, according to a Rutgers University review of traumatic amputation cases.

Surgeries, therapy and relearning

Whether it was a drunk, distracted or reckless driver who caused the collision, that person must take the responsibility for his or her negligence, which has caused your life to change forever. Now, it is up to you to confront new challenges.

Here are some of the challenges to expect after a traumatic limb loss:

  • A series of surgeries: Some are necessary to save your life.
  • A lengthy hospital stay: Recovery may take several months.
  • Several hours of therapy: This may include physical, emotional and occupational therapy.
  • Getting accustomed to a prosthetic limb: If a person chooses this route, he or she must go in for fittings, work with therapists and learn how to use an expensive prosthetic arm or leg.
  • Learning how to do everyday things: This may include walking, holding utensils and getting dressed. You may even have to purchase a specially fitted vehicle in order to drive.

These are just some of the challenges expected to confront a person who has lost a limb in a motor vehicle accident.

Confronting heavy challenges

A life-changing accident has led to physical and psychological damage that you may never shake. The expensive health care costs come to the surface, too. You must confront these challenges one by one, overcome them and try to stay as upbeat as you can, despite the actions of a negligent driver.