Who Is At Fault in a Three-Way Car Accident?

Published November 28, 2018 by Englander Peebles
Who Is At Fault in a Three-Way Car Accident?

Determining fault in a crash involving two vehicles can often be challenging. There are often disputes over liability between the two drivers. These issues can become even more complicated when a third motorist is involved in a crash.

A third driver adds another factor to the car accident case, and determining fault could become more complicated when a third driver?s actions must be considered.

People who are injured in three-way car crashes often have concerns about how their compensation could be impacted when there are multiple parties who could be at fault. That?s why it is crucial to contact an experienced injury attorney who has experience representing people who have been hurt in multiple-vehicle collisions.

If you suffered severe injuries or your loved one was killed in a?car accident in Fort Lauderdale, you need help from an experienced attorney to seek all of the compensation that you are entitled to. Do not let an insurance company try to tell you that you have to accept a settlement that will not cover your full lifetime of costs stemming from the crash.

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How Do Three-Way Car Accidents Happen?

Three-way accidents can occur for many different reasons. Multiple vehicle collisions often begin with a rear-end collision and a subsequent pile-up. In other cases, one motorist may strike another vehicle, and then the collision could propel that vehicle into the path of oncoming traffic, resulting in another crash.

When a three-way crash begins with a collision such as a rear-end accident, the liability can be much more obvious as drivers who strike the vehicles in front of them are usually liable to those drivers for damages. Other kinds of crashes may be more complicated, and each driver may have their own story as to why they were not at fault.

People involved in three-way car accidents will want to quickly hire a personal injury attorney who can perform an independent investigation of the crash. The lawyer can determine the true cause of the crash, who should be held responsible, and then negotiate for a fair and full settlement.

How Might Insurers or a Court Portion Out Liability for a Thre Car Crash?

Most insurance companies will try to find any way possible to avoid liability for these types of accidents. The insurers involved will often try to transfer blame from their policyholders to one of the other drivers involved to minimize the amounts they have pay to resolve these cases.

Courts are required by Florida Statute ? 768.81(3) to enter a judgment against each party liable in a negligence action on each party?s percentage of fault. Under Florida Statute ? 768.81(2), the fault attributable to a plaintiff will proportionately reduce their award of economic and noneconomic damages, but it will not bar recovery.

In other words, an individual who is awarded $100,000 in a car accident case in Florida, but was found to be 40 percent at fault for the crash, will have their damages reduced by $40,000. They would receive $60,000.

Florida does not prohibit a person from recovering damages even when that person shares fault for the accident. An individual could theoretically still recover damages even when they are 99 percent at fault for a crash, though they could only collect 1 percent of their losses.

Steps to Take After a Three-Way Vehicle Accident in Florida

Your first step after an automobile accident should always be to seek medical care for your injuries. You should consider visiting a hospital or doctor and have an evaluation performed. This is especially so given that some serious conditions may not immediately show symptoms.

When possible, you should try to take pictures of the crash. Get photographs of the vehicles involved as well as pictures of any contributing factors. Take pictures from multiple angles and distances. The more pictures the better for your attorney and your case.

You should also try to get the names and phone numbers of any people who happened to see the crash. These individuals could prove to be extremely beneficial if all three motorists involved in an accident have different accounts about how a collision occurred.

Do not speak to any insurance company for another motorist until you have legal representation. Make sure that you contact Englander Peebles first.

How Can You Obtain a Fair Settlement for a Three-Way Car Accident?

You will give yourself the best chance of recovering maximum compensation by working with a personal injury attorney. An insurance representative for one of the other motorists could contact you with an offer for a lump sum settlement to resolve your case. You should be immediately skeptical about what you are being offered. Most insurance companies throw out lowball offers to close the cases of the most desperate people quickly and cheaply. These settlements invariably are not enough to cover many of the future costs of care that victims will continue to incur.

When you hire a lawyer, they can negotiate for the settlement that covers all of your expenses relating to your crash. If the insurance company refuses to settle your case, then your attorney can file a lawsuit to pursue your case in court.

Did you sustain catastrophic injuries or was your loved one killed in a three-way car crash in the greater Fort Lauderdale area or anywhere in Florida? Do not waste your time arguing with the other drivers or their insurance companies about who was at fault. Take steps to get justice instead.

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