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Causes and consequences of Fort Lauderdale’s dangerous roads

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Car Accidents

Florida is one of the nation’s most populous cities with a significant number of the nation’s drivers. Unfortunately, the many motorists traveling the state’s roads corresponds to an exceptionally high accident rate.

Fort Lauderdale contributes to some of the state’s most dangerous roads.

Understanding why accidents occur

Fort Lauderdale’s millions of annual visitors surpass its permanent residents in numbers. As a result, motorists unfamiliar with the city’s traffic rules congest its roads, endangering themselves and others. Visitors who forego cars also face danger as they attempt to navigate the city’s inadequate walkways. Finally, an epidemic of reckless driving injures or kills motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.

Identifying the most dangerous roads

City officials working to improve traffic safety in Fort Lauderdale join a growing number of regions embracing a Vision Zero collaborative strategy to reduce road fatalities. Still, motorists, cyclists or pedestrians should remain cautious while navigating three especially dangerous roads.

I-95 between I-595 and State Road 84 is one of the nation’s and Fort Lauderdale’s most dangerous roads partially due to poor visibility and inadequate lane spacing. Still, motorists ignorant of low-speed requirements at complex ramp entry and exit points face unnecessary dangers.

Numerous pedestrian fatalities also occur at Sunrise Boulevard between Bayview Drive and Andrews Avenue. Most accidents happen when drivers fail to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk but many involve reckless hit-and-run drivers.

Cyclists also face dangerous conditions along Southwest 2nd Street, where fatalities and severe injuries result from crashes with motor vehicles. This road benefits from an investment in bicycle lanes and the city’s campaign to encourage citizens to replace their motor vehicles with bicycles.

As the population of Fort Lauderdale grows, solutions for reducing traffic accidents and fatalities must take priority to prevent further loss of life.