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What are Florida’s most dangerous roads?

by | Jul 24, 2023 | Personal Injury

Florida, home to the stunning Miami coastline, vibrant culture and bustling city life, is also host to a more menacing problem. Florida’s highways, while key to its transport system, have a high rate of fatal accidents. Between 2018 and 2020, almost 9,000 fatal accidents occurred on Florida’s 275,376 miles of roads.

Knowing which roads are the most dangerous and what causes contribute to accidents can help you take extra care while on these risky stretches and become more mindful of the behaviors to avoid.

Deadliest roads in Florida

A study by MoneyGeek reveals that US-19 from San Marco Drive to Denton Avenue, located in Pasco County, is the deadliest road in Florida, with 28 fatal accidents. Miami-Dade, the county with the most fatal accidents, reports US-1 as its deadliest road.

Prevalent causes of fatal accidents

Drunk driving accounts for the highest number of fatal accidents, even more than speeding and distracted driving combined. The study reports an increase in fatal accidents due to drunk driving by 9% since 2019.

Speeding is also a significant cause of fatal crashes, making up 8.9% of such incidents in Florida. The risks of driving over the speed limit include difficulty in stopping quickly and loss of vehicle control, increasing the chances of severe injuries or fatalities.

Distracted driving is another growing concern. Despite the implementation of a hands-free law in 2019, fatal accidents due to distracted driving rose by 14%.

Accident-prone times and seasons

Certain times of the year also have a higher occurrence of fatal accidents. December, with 848 fatal accidents, is the deadliest month, closely followed by March. March is the most dangerous for crashes involving distracted driving, while December sees the highest number of drunk-driving related fatal accidents.

Navigating Florida’s roads demands attention, especially when you are aware of their potential dangers. Recognizing the deadliest roads and understanding the common causes of fatal accidents empowers you to drive more defensively, which leads to safer roads for everyone.