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Miami-Dade Crash Kills Two, Injures Mother and Children

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2021 | Firm News

A Miami-Dade crash occurred earlier this week, and resulted in the death of two persons. Another pregnant mother and her five children suffered injuries in the crash. The fatal wreck occurred on the night of Thursday, May 3.

According to the details shared by the Police Department, the Miami-Dade crash primarily involved a black Infiniti and a Chevy SUV. Both vehicles were traveling along the Northwest 79th Street at the time. The Infiniti was traveling eastbound along the road.

When the Infiniti reached the 10th Avenue, its driver attempted to pass another vehicle. However, the Infiniti clipped the other car during the passing move. This caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control. As the driver lost control, the vehicle veered into the path of the oncoming traffic in the westbound lanes.

This was when the Infiniti head-on into a westbound Chevy SUV. After crashing into the SUV, the Infiniti veered to a side and came to a stop after hitting a pole. The impact of the collision caused the Infiniti to burst into flames.

Once the crash was called in, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue personnel arrived on the crash scene and put out the fire. However, the two people traveling in the Infiniti has succumbed to their injuries by this time. Both were pronounced dead on the scene of the crash.

A mother and her five children were traveling in the Chevy SUV at the time of the collision. All of them suffered injuries, although the precise nature and severity of their injuries remains unknown at this time. All six were taken to the Jackson Memorial Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

In Miami crashes like these, a vehicle owner can be held vicariously liable for the actions of an at-fault driver. A Miami car accident lawyer can help crash victims recover compensatory damages.

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