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Woman Hit and Killed While Crossing Interstate 95

by | Feb 22, 2021 | Firm News

A woman tragically lost her life while crossing Interstate 95 early in the morning of Thursday, February 11. The fatal incident happened at around 4 a.m. as the woman tried to cross the highway east to west while it was still dark.

According to the details shared by the Florida Highway Patrol, the woman had been driving north along the I-95. As she reached near the Copans Road in Pompano Beach, her vehicle had a flat tire. So she drove her vehicle onto the right shoulder. Then she exited the vehicle and tried to cross the road. As she was walking across the first two westbound lanes, she was stuck by a pickup truck.

The woman was not named by FHP but only identified as a 21-year-old from Chesapeake, Virginia. She suffered critical injuries in the high-speed collision. As first responders reached the scene of the crash, she was rushed to Broward Health North. However, she couldn’t recover and succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

The pickup truck driver who hit the woman was identified as a 37-year-old male from Fort Lauderdale. An FHP spokesperson confirmed that formal charges against the driver are unlikely and that he is not being treated as a suspect for now. This is because the woman was crossing Interstate 95 at a location with no crosswalks or signs, which is a traffic infraction as per Florida laws.

Following the accident, authorities shut down all the northbound lanes of the road. The lanes remained closed for a few hours as the crash site was being cleaned and on-site investigations conducted. The closure caused the traffic to be backed up for several miles between the Atlantic Boulevard and Commercial Boulevard. It was only at 8:30 a.m. that the northbound lanes were reopened to the traffic.

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