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Fiery Crash in Fort Lauderdale Kills One, Injures Another

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Firm News

A fiery crash in Fort Lauderdale resulted in the death of one person and serious injuries to another. The fatal incident occurred after midnight on Saturday, December 12.

According to the details shared by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, the accident came about when the driver of a vehicle lost control. The vehicle was identified as a white 2018 Porsche coupe. It was headed southbound on Northeast Third Avenue at the time. Just as the vehicle neared the intersection of the Avenue and the Sixth Street, its driver appears to have lost control of the vehicle.

As per the police reports, the Porsche was traveling at a fairly high rate of speed when its driver lost control. The vehicle crashed into a light pole before colliding with another vehicle which was parked by the road at the time. The sheer impact of the collision caused serious damage to the Porsche. The car also caught fire as a result of the collision and was soon engulfed in flames.

Two occupants were traveling in the vehicle at the time the crash took place. These included the driver and the passenger. After the collision, both occupants became trapped in the car as it caught fire. Two witnesses who were present on the scene of the accident rushed to the vehicle and were able to pull one of the occupants from the vehicle. However, they couldn’t remove the second occupant.

The second occupant which remained trapped inside the vehicle died and was pronounced deceased on the scene of the crash. As the paramedics reached the scene of the crash, the second victim was rushed to the Broward Health Medical Center. The injuries of the second victim are reported as critical and life-threatening. Authorities continue to investigate the crash in Fort Lauderdale.

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