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Our Car Accident Lawyers Can Help With Your Car Accident in Fort Lauderdale

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Car Accidents

Want to know where the most car accidents in the U.S. take place? Right here in beautiful Fort Lauderdale! As the number one team of car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale, we have seen way too many clients who have been forced to pay for a reckless driver’s mistakes. Time wasted with the wrong law firm is time that you cannot get back and compensation that you may not receive.

Our mission at Englander Peebles is to provide our clients with outstanding legal solutions, and extraordinary, uncompromising service. We will engage in a practical, efficient approach to your representation while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and knowledge of car accident law. Englander Peebles is known as one of the best car accident lawyers in Fort Lauderdale because our skilled team of lawyers demands full and fair compensation for the losses you have suffered.

South Florida Stats

South Florida is home to many crowded highways, Interstates, and roads. Our major highways like U.S. Route 1 (US 1), State Road 870 (SR 870), and Interstate 95 (I-95) have become car accident central due to the sheer number of people traveling through every year.

Here’s some interesting information for you, which you may already know:

  • South Florida has a widely known reputation for having bad drivers.
  • Fort Lauderdale, which ranks as the Most Dangerous City to live in nationwide thanks to bad drivers.
  • According to Florida’s Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, Broward County had the second-highest number of reported car accidents in Florida

Whether it’s drunk drivers, uninsured motorist, or people distracted by texting on their phones, or tourists who are lost and looking at directions- there is an endless supply of car accident dangers on our Fort Lauderdale roads. It is one of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations and attracts roughly 12 million tourists every year.

Even though some of the car accidents and collisions involve only minor damage to cars, many other car accidents were much more serious.

The Best Lawyer for Car Accident Injuries

Depending on what kind of personal injury you have suffered from your car accident, you can count on Englander Peebles to help guide your every step of the way.

Some of the most common questions people have are:

  • What Compensation is Available After a Serious Car Accident
  • How Long Do You Have to File an Accident Claim After an Accident?
  • Steps to Take After a Car Accident
  • Should I Call The Police After a Collision?
  • Common Causes of Car Wrecks
  • Types of Car Accident Cases Our Injury Law Firm Can Help With
  • What Kind of Compensation you can Recover from a car accident Injury Case?
  • How Do I Know If I Have a Car Collision Case?
  • Why Hire An Accident Lawyer?

We answer these questions and many more on our website. Read more about the expert team of car accident lawyers at Englander Peebles here!

Since the injuries for each car accident case are so specific you will want the best lawyers in Fort Lauderdale to help you with your car accident case. The best personal injury lawyers are the ones with the most experience because the will have accrued, over the years, tons of very specific medical knowledge which allows them to better document your claim, argue your case for you, and ultimately maximize your award or settlement.

The personal injury lawyers at our firm represent residents and visitors injured in car crashes all over the Fort Lauderdale metro area. Our firm is ready to fight to make sure that you receive all of the compensation you are entitled to. If you have recently been injured in a car accident, or know someone who has, call Englander Peebles today.